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Office Polices

  • When we schedule you for an appointment this time is reserved for you. We are not able to fill this spot with another patient on short notice. Since our goal is to give immediate care to patients who need it, please call the office at least 24 hours before your appointment should you have to cancel or reschedule. Please know, appointments that are not canceled within 24 hours notice are subject to a $25.00 late cancellation fee, and no-show appointments will result in a $50.00 no show fee. Please note that it may take several weeks to reschedule a physical exam as they require additional time. Chronic cancellations and no shows will lead to dismissal from our practice.
  • If your health insurance requires a co-pay, we require that you pay this at the time of your visit. We understand that sometimes things come up, and will not deny care if you are unable to pay this that day. You will receive a bill in the mail after your visit for the amount due. Failure to pay your outstanding co-pay balance will result in dismissal from the practice.
  • We try to accommodate every sick patient who contacts the office with a same day appointment. However, this cannot always be accomplished. Please call early in the day so our office staff can triage your symptoms and determine if your needs can wait until next business day. Severe emergencies will immediately be sent to an emergency department for emergency care. Please note these same day appointments will not always be with the provider you normally see. Appointments are scheduled based on a provider’s availability.
  • In the event your provider requests a follow up appointment for any diagnostic testing (i.e. radiology, blood, etc.) please make your appointment PRIOR to leaving the office. Due to the volume of testing that is ordered in our office, providers are unable to do thorough reviews of this testing over the phone. Therefore, all normal testing results will be sent via the patient portal, through the mail, or by telephone call from a medical assistant. We are unable to send medical information through email as it is an unsecure network.
  • Arlington Family Practice is affiliated with Mount Auburn Hospital. All referrals that are recommended are normally within this network. In some cases a provider may refer to an outside hospital based on patient needs and or requests. It is the patient’s responsibility to obtain referral information for specialist appointments. Please check with your insurance plan as to if you need an insurance referral. If you do, please call the office with information needed in order for us to process this request.
  • If your insurance plan requires you to list a primary care doctor (PCP), please note you must do this PRIOR to your visit. Dr. Ann Morvai or Dr. April Kavanagh must be listed. In the event that your PCP is not listed correctly, you will be responsible for charges incurred on your date of service. Please check with your health plan as to if you need to have one listed.


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