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Men’s Health Issues No One Likes to Talk About

Men’s Health Issues No One Likes to Talk About

There are certain topics most people don’t like to talk about. They feel embarrassed, or the topic is too private, or they just want to deal with it on their own. 

When it comes to men and their health, this problem can be even worse. But the stakes are even higher because they’re dealing with health issues that could affect the rest of their lives.

Thankfully, the providers at Arlington Family Practice in Arlington, Massachusetts, understand that men and women require different medical attention, and they’re committed to providing comprehensive health care specifically for men.

Here are a few men’s health issues that no one likes to talk about that we can help with:

Low testosterone

As you age, the level of testosterone in your body begins to drop. Low levels of testosterone can cause several problems, including a decreased sex drive, erectile dysfunction, lower bone density and muscle mass, hair loss, and much more.

We can measure your testosterone levels, and if they’re low, we can give you options on the best way to get your levels back to normal so your health and quality of life improve.

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction occurs when you cannot sustain an erection long enough for sexual intercourse. It affects men as they age, especially men over 65 who have diabetes, hypertension, or cardiovascular disease.

Even if you’re younger and experiencing this problem, there are ways we can help. We start with a physical exam and discussion of your individual situation, and then we put together a plan to get your sex life back to normal.

Prostate issues

Your prostate is a small gland that continues to grow as you age. If it enlarges too much, it can begin to press on your bladder and cause problems with urination. And it can also contribute to erectile dysfunction.

If you notice that you have trouble urinating, your urine starts and stops, you have to get up a lot at night to pee, or you don’t feel like you’re emptying your bladder all the way, you may have a prostate issue. The sooner you get checked out, the quicker (and easier) treatment will be.

Mental health

If you feel off, grumpy, irritable, sad, or fatigued, you may be facing a mental health issue without realizing it. This can be caused by anxiety, depression, or even a hormone imbalance.

Whatever the cause, if your mental outlook isn’t what it should be, we can determine the best treatment to provide relief for your specific situation and improve your mental health.

When you’re ready to talk to someone about any of these issues, know that we’re here to help. To make an appointment, call the Arlington Family Practice office or use our convenient online scheduler.

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